Plumbing & Drainage Services

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Hydro Excavation

Tru-View uses this process to remove or move soil with pressurized water. We then transfer soil or debris using air conveyance or vacuum to a debris tank. This allows us for a non-destructive and more accurate way to excavate soil and locate underground utilities.


Before you replace your old sewers, check with our expert plumbers at Tru-View Plumbing & Drain Service. We can take a video pipe camera and inspect to see if you need replacement or repair.


We strive to deliver the best residential and commercial plumbing services in the GTA. We offer fast, friendly service-including 24/7 emergency plumbing services and top-quality results. Our highly-trained and experienced plumbers can handle a wide range of plumbing issues, including drain cleaning, backflow prevention testing, trenchless sewer repair, water leak detection, and even kitchen or bathroom remodelling.

Drain Cleaning & Cameras

Our expert technicians come equipped with state of the art technology to break through any drainage issue you may be facing.

Pipe Lining

Cured-in-place pipe lining completely restores broken or failing drain and sewer pipes without having to dig up the ground or have direct access to the pipe.

Flood Protection & Sump Pumps

If your basement or home is prone to flooding, a sump pump can save you hundreds-even thousands-of dollars. Avoid costly water damage from storms, spring floods, or backed-up sewer water due to a broken or faulty pipe. We are available to install sump-pump systems year round, but especially during heavy rainfall or when the water table is up.

We're Your Trusted GTA Plumbers

  • 24/7 Emergency Sewer Backup & Restoration Cleanup
  • Video Inspection of Sewers & Drains
  • Pre/Post Construction Inspections for Schools, Buildings & Subdivisions
  • High Pressure Cleaning of Sewers & Drains
  • Drain Locating
  • All Plumbing/Drain Servicing & Installation